Dear All,
Welcome back. This is a hectic term. Hope you still remember the ABC of Mathematics.

A = Appropriate Attitude

B = Being Independent

C = Constant Revisions

You must adhere closely to the schedule here below.

Ms Ang

Variation : (Self Study)Revision:
Click on these links to find out the different types of variations :
a) **Direct Variation**
b) **Inverse Variation**
Main Course :
a) Click on this link to download the PowerPoint slides on **variations** and read up to gain more enlightenment in this unit. You may wish to download the ppt file into your desktop to read up [attachment below].
b) To access that you have fully understood this unit, click on **variation 2009** and play the game till you become a variation millionaire.
Dessert :
Using toondoo (****), create a cartoon strips that summaries all your learnings in this unit.
1) Do corrections on the mistakes for this assignment.Click on the file below for the detailed solutions of the assignment. VariationAssignmentSolutionFinal.pdf2) Complete the online comic strips that summaries all your learning for this unit.Using toodoo (, create a cartoon strips that summaries all your learnings in this unit.
Complete the tasks (correction and cartoon strip) for this week by 7th July 2011 by 5pm. Submit your work into the respecive workbin in ivle. Capture the cartoon and save it as a document file. eg. Variation Cartoon Tan Bing Bing (3O1 21)
Surds, Indices & Basic TrigonometrySurds and Indices
Rule of Indices
Indices :
Main Course:
Click on this link to download the powerpoint slides on this unit.Indices&Surds.ppt
Readings that will enhance your learnings for this unit.
a) Simplify Radical :
b) Adding and subtracting surds:
c) Multiplying surds:
d) Rationalizing surds :
e) Solving problem sums involving surds.Dessert:

a) Do correction for the Surd and Indices Assignment you have completed in Term 2. For detailed solutions to the assignment click on the file attachment below.
b) Using voki (****), you are to reflect on some difficulities you encounter in this unit.
eMath Module
a) Sine Rule :
b) Cosine Rule :
c) Area of Triangle :
d) Bearing :
Main Course:
a) You should have completed all the assignments on this module. You must complete your corrections for Assignment 1, Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 in this module. For the detailed solutions, check out the solutions here.
b) There is also a revision paper for Term 3 Test 1 . You must complete your correction for this revision paper .
Dessert :By now, you should have completed your project on this emath module. You must upload your unqie mathematical trail into the respective folders in ivle. (ACE Opportunity) by latest 15th July 2011 (11 59 pm)
1) Do all your all the corrections on these assignments.a) Surds and Indices Assignment Surds and Indices AssignmentSolution.pdfb) Assignment 1 (Sine Rule) assignment1sinerulesolution.pdfc) Assignment 2 (Cosine Rule) assignment2cosinerulesolution.pdfd) Assignment 3 (bearing) Assignment 3 bearingsolution.pdfe) Term 3 Test 1 Revision Paper Term 3 Test 1Revision Paper 1 Solution.pdf2) voki reflection3) emath project.
Complete all corrections and submit your emath project into the respect ivle folder by 15th July 2011.
3- 4
You should have done up Ex 11.1, Ex 11.2, Ex 12.1 and Ex 12.2.
With these knowledge, you may proceed to Trigonmetry Assignment 2.
Please note that the Question 5 of Assignment 2 : Change Prove that to ‍‍‍‍‍Given that‍‍‍‍‍ ...Let's move on to Graphing of Trigonometrical Functions.
You must complete the Stater and Main Course of Graphing of Trigonometrical Functions. Click on this link
You must have your basic knowledge on Trigonometrical Graphs by week 4 Monday.
1) You should have basic knowledge of the following :1.state amplitude and period and symmetries related to trigonometry graphs,2.sketch simple graphs of the six basic trigonometry functions,
3. draw the basic graphs of y= sin x, y = cos x, y=tan x, and and define the period and amplitude

4 - 5
Let's have some fun here.
As we have mastered the basic skills on trigonometrical graphs, we are going to explore the use of functions to create these designs.Let’s create this two designs.
Design 1:
Design 2:
You are to use mathematical functions to create the two design above.
a) What is the least number of mathematical functions for each design?
b) Besides, the mathematical functions involved do you need any other skills in GC.Complete this two designs by latest 27th July 2011. You must upload your work into ivle.
You must complete these two designs by latest 21st Jul 2011. Upload your solutions into ivle . You must create you design using mathematical functions. You must create and document your findings in a document file. Upload your work into ivle.

Term 3 Test 2Revision: This is the last test for 2011.
Make sure that you give your "BEST" shot.
Trigonometry :
a) Trigonometrical Ratios
b) Trigonometrical Identities
c) Trigonometrical Equations
Click on this link for examples on solving trigonometrical equations. Revision Solving Trigo Equations.docx
d) Trigonometrical Graphs
These are the few students who still have low ACE credit for Term 3 and if you have opted for IM, you must complete the following task by latest 14th August 2011. I will strongly advised you to make use of the three days break 8th August 2011 to 10th August 2011 to brush up in this aspect.
3O1 :
1) Zhan Yi
2) Kevan
3) Ming Xia
4) Dickson
5) Samuel Moses
6) Jim
7) Yi Kuan
3O2 :
1) Dylan
Option 1: Complete the emath Project and upload into ivle or email me by 15th August. For details, please read this for further information.
Option 2 : You must use VTI to create these two designs.
Design 1:
Design 2:
Complete the design and upload to ivle or email me by latest 15th August 2011.
You must view through all these lessons in prepartion of the coming test in week 7.3O1 - 12th August 20113O2 and 3V2 on 11th August 2011.As of the detailed solutions for this unit, I had uploaded into ivle.
For students with low ACE credit in Term 3, you must complete either Option 1 or Option 2 by latest 15th August.
Let's visit Linear Law.
Click on this lesson : Linear Law

Click on this lesson : Trigonometrical Graphs

Sample of student Products

You must complete the slides on linear law to master the concepts required for this unit.
Upon mastery of your concept, you must attempt the questions in the textbook before proceeding to Assignment 1. Homework : Ex 8.1 (Pg 169- 171) Q1a, Q1b, Q3a, Q3b, Q5, Q6, Q9

You should have collect 2009and 2010 EOY Paper for 3 IP.
You should complete these papers before you report for school in Term 4.
Attempt and complete at least 90% of 2009 and 2010 Sec 3 IP EOY papers.