2012 Sec 4 Integrated Mathematics

Term 1 : Unit 1

Unit 1: Circular Measure (Self Study)


1.understand and define angles in radian

2.find the arc length and area of sector/segment

3.solve problem sums involving arc length, sector and segment

Starter : (Recap on Previous knowledge)


Can you still recall on the followings ?

A chord is a segment that joins two points of the circle.
A diameter is a chord that contains the centre of the circle.

A sector is similar to the "pizza pie slices " of a circle.

Segment of a Circle
While a sector looks like a "pie" slice, a segment looks like the "pie" slice with the triangular portion cut off. The segment is only the small partially curved figure left when the triangle is removed.

Main Course :

a) Click on this link to find out what is "Radian"? You should be able to master the conversion of degree to radian and radian to degree.

- http://www.intmath.com/trigonometric-functions/7-radians.php

- http://www.mathwarehouse.com/trigonometry/radians/convert-degee-to-radians.php#

b) Click on this link to discover the wonderful formula for Arc length and Area of sector.

- http://www.intmath.com/trigonometric-functions/8-applications-of-radians.php

c) Review on the newly mastered knowledge by going through this set of PowerPoint slides. Other then find the arc length and area of sector, you also need to master the relevant skills to find the area of segment of any given figures.

Test your mastery here - http://www.regentsprep.org/Regents/math/algtrig/ATM1/RadianPractice.htm

d) To further strengthen you skills in this topic, download the detailed notes on this unit. You must make an effort to master the respective tactics used in solving problems relating to circular measure.

e) Complete this assignment(20%) on submit to me in hardcopy by latest 17th January 2012. There will be a test(60%) administer in Term 1 week 9.

Dessert :

You will have the following option :

a) Create a concept map on circular measure (Cmap 2.0)

b) Create a comic strip on circular measure (Pixton, toodoon etc.)

This is complusory. You must submit your work online. (20%)