eMath Module :
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Successful Learners' Tips:

You must check out the Announcement on a daily basis for any updates.

1. Study the Schedule so that you know how much time you have and you can plan accordingly.

2. Spend time in Knowledge Centre - this is the centre to learn new knowledge and to relate to and apply past knowledge. This is also the centre you should question and pose questions, think flexibly and interdependently.

3. Sharpening your skills in the Skill Workplace. This is the place where you persist in striving for accuracy and precision. This is also the place you think about your learning and thinking; and the place where you learn to communicte with clarity and precision.

4. Assessing your skills in the Assessment Suite. This is the place where you assess your level of enlightenment in the various subtopics.
5. Create and innovate in Project. This is where you integrate and systhesise your new and old knowledge and skills and apply to new situations.
6. Capture all your work in the Portfolio Gallery. This is where you will be enlighten on how new and old knowledge and skills integrate and infuse into new situations.



Knowledge Centre

Skill Workplace

Assessment Suite

Project Centre

Portfolio Gallery