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Group 1 : Wesley Koh Zhi Peng 23 and Thomson Tay Bo Wen 22
GC Desgin :external image msword.png Thomson Tay GCDesign1.doc

Reflections: We had learnt alot of computer and graphic methods. The fun in playing around with the graphs and also will not waste time drawing them when we are solving long questions. ( Thomson)

Group 2: Dylan Lim (10) Yan Hui (6)


Group 3: Grady Ng (02) Tan Ming Shi (21)

Reflection :

Group 4: Ng Jing Han Dickson(16), Looi Yee Hark(13)

Group 5: Joel Ng (17), Samuel Yu (22)

Group 6: Lim Mingxia (09) Liew Le Qi (08)

Group 7:Lee Zheyi (7) :D and Lu Wenyu (14)

We learnt a lot from this interactive online activity and understood more on the different types of quadratic equations, changing the different values and how it affects the curve of the graph. The Graphics Calculator was also an eye opener for us as we have not seen such wonderful calculators that made use of maths concepts to draw pictures and create masterpieces of art like the angel and Macdonald's sign. P.S. Is there such a thing in real life? cuz we want it badly :D

Group 8: Ho Tzyy Yeou and Han Xuyang

We feel that this lesson on Graphics Calculator is very interesting as we did not know that the Graphics Calculator could be used in this creative way to draw pictures such as the Macdonalds sign. However, we found it rather difficult to follow the steps as we were not too used to using the GC.

Group 9Tan Carlin / Jim Quek :


Group 10: Xavier ong (25) & Ye junyuan (27)

Group 11: Kevan Chew (05) & Choo Zhan Yi (1)

Group 12:Wong YI Kuan 24 Lim Wen Bin 11

we have learnt how to use quadratic equation in a different way, in forming curves and lines to draw. it really requires us to think hard and creatively to create the shape and size that we want for the drawings.

Group 13: Yu Jiake(28) Xu Zihao(27)

Reflection:We became more proficient at quadratic function during thinking about how to draw a picture.We got more interested in it now.
Group 14: Zamen Lin(12) ZhengTian(15)
GC design:external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Ma Zhengtian GCDesign2.doc.docxexternal image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Ma Zhengtian GCDesign1.doc.docx
Reflection for GC designer.
We think this computer-formed calculator is quite interesting that we can even use free calculator with our computer.The precess of drawing image like that is useful because we can not only train our ability of remembering the whole procedures very well but also help us to understand fully about the quadratic equations which is about how the a,b,c 's changing changes the digram of the quadratic equation.This is really interesting.