Sarter: (Curriculum of Connection)


a) Radical Sign

What Is a Radical Sign? —powered by

b) (Rule of Indices)

Indices :

Main Course: (Curriculum of Core)

Click on this link to download the powerpoint slides on this unit.

a) Simplify Radical :

b) Adding and subtracting surds:

c) Multiplying surds:

d) Rationalizing surds :

Check out these slides if you still have doubts in simplifying and manipulating surds.

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Click on this link and try out this activity on simplifying and manipulating surds.

e) Solving problem sums involving surds(Taught in class)


Textbook -Exercises

Exercise 2.1 : Q1a, Q1c, Q1e, Q3a, Q3c, Q3h, Q4a, Q4e, Q6a, Q6b, Q7, Q8

Exercsie 2.2 : Q4(a to d), Q6a, Q6d, Q7, Q8, Q9

Exercise 2.3 : Q2a, Q2b, Q4, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9

Dessert : (Curriculum of Core)

a) Click on the link and complete the assignment.

b) Participate in this online quiz to assess your understanding of surds.