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Term 1:

week 2
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week 3
Term 1 Unit 1 :
Advanced Algebraic Manipulations
a) Complete Question 1 and Question 2
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external image GW599H366

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external image GW579H327

Using MS words, you must save a copy of your work and upload to your creative work here.

b) Take the online quiz (Advanced Algebraic Manipulations)

c) Reflections:
You must reflect on at least two habits you haved used.
Dear Ms Ang,
In this lesson, I used the habit of applying the past knowlege to new situation ...

In this lesson, I had enjoyed ...


Ms Ang

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These are the six habits adopted by the Mathematics Department in HCI (2009-Now).

1. The habit of Persisting
2. The habit of Striving for accuracy and precision (Mathematical language)
3. The habit of Applying past knowledge to new situations
4. The habit of Thinking flexibly
5. The habit of Responding with wonderment and awe
6. The habit of Questioning and Posing problems
week 4
Term 1 :
Unit 4 Quadratic Functions
Home Based Learning

Answer all the questions .
Question 1:
Your friend from HAPPY school has emailed you for help. Read the letter below, without giving your friend the full soultion, draft a reply to tell him how he should go about this problem. Justify all your methods.
Hi Clever Three,
Please help me with the following problem. I do not even know how to begin :-
A water pipe runs between two buildings. These are represented by the points A and B in the diagram below.
An emergency outlet pipe has to be built across the main pipe. The line representing this outlet pipe has equation 4y + 5x = 46. Calculate the coordinates of the point on the diagram at which the outlet pipe will cut across the main water pipe.
Question 2:
Record the coordinate of the solutions and then join the points of intersection in order. Then join the answer to question (a) to question (m). Put a dot at (- 1, 4).
You can use Geogebra or VTI to assist you if you find it tedious to solve the various sets of simultaneous equations. What have you drawn?
Complete this online quiz to guage your level of attainment for this unit. Print a copy of your certificate at the end of the quiz. (File into Math file)
Click on this link and reflect on at least two habits that you have infused in this week online lesson.
3V2 (3P3 students do it during online for week 4 and week 5) & (3O3 students will do this on week 5 online)
week 5
Term 1 : Unit 4
Quadratic Functions
Quadratic Function (Graphing)
Quadratic Functions (Sum and Product of roots)
Geogebra Applets (Upload your work here)
week 7
Term 1 : Unit 4
Quadratic Inequalities
Quadratic Inequalities
Comics Strips (Upload your work here)
3O1 Comics Gallery
week 8
Term 1: GC & Geogebra
GC and Geogebra
GC Design (Upload your work here)
week 9
Term 1 : Unit 5
Remainder and Factor Theorem
Remainder and Factor Theorem
Lesson 1: Polynomials & Long Divsion
Lesson 2: Remainder Theorem
Lesson 3: Factor Theorem & Solving Cubic Equations
GC Design overall