- Marc G Tan YuKai (3P317) i apologise for the late work. There were technical complications.

- Chan Sheng Yao 3V2 (3O301) - Heres my super creative work
-Poon Jun Kang, Keith(3o320 3v2) sorry for late posting. i wasnt invited to edit wiki last night
- Lim Xuan Yu (3o310)
- Samson Yu Bai Jian (3O323)
- Quah Yu Kiat (3O322) I had actually posted my work yesterday during recess. However I just realised that my work had been deleted.
So I have reattached my assignment.
-Sebastian Sim Shi Peng (3O324)
-Tok Yin Pin (3O325)
-Eugene Pang (3p306) I am reposting this as my work here had been deleted

There are 19 students and I have only 8 submissions. That's bad. If you have not submit your work you must do so by latest today 25th Jan. 2011 by 9pm.