Starter: (Curriculum of Connection)

Each of the traffic sign stands for a value. Can you find the value of each traffic sign? Justify your solution. Click on this respective links to input your answer.

3V2 (3O3 & 3P3)


Main Course: (Curriculum of Core)

Readings on the two methods (Sec 2- Revision)

a) Elimination Method :

b) Substitution method :

c) Click on this link on solving of simultaneous equations.

d) Graphical method :

e) System of linear equations (3 variables) :

f) Click on this link to download the powerpoint slides as a summary of the content to be covered in this unit.

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Quiz 1:

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Assignment : (Textbook)

Exercise 1.1 Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Exercise 1.2 Q2, Q3, Q4, Q7, Q9, Q10

Assignment 1 : Solution

Dessert: (Curriculum of Practice) Activity 1:

Download a VTI, click on this **link** and follow the instruction given.

You will need axes of at least this size -7 ≤ x ≤ 7, -7 ≤ y ≤ 7.

Solve each pair of the simultaneous equations graphically.

Record the coordinate of the solutions and then join the points of intersection in order. Then join the answer to question (a) to question (m). Put a dot at (- 1, 4).


What have you drawn?

Activity 2:

Your friend from HAPPY school has emailed you for help. Read the letter below, without giving your friend the full soultion, draft a reply to tell him how he should go about this problem. Justify all your methods.

Hi Clever Three,

Please help me with the following problem. I do not even know how to begin :-

A water pipe runs between two buildings. These are represented by the points A and B in the diagram below.


An emergency outlet pipe has to be built across the main pipe. The line representing this outlet pipe has equation 4y + 5x = 46. Calculate the coordinates of the point on the diagram at which the outlet pipe will cut across the main water pipe.



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Test Revision Paper :