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You must input your excel file and reflection(at least two habits of minds) here.

1. The habit of Persisting
2. The habit of Striving for accuracy and precision (Mathematical language)
3. The habit of Applying past knowledge to new situations
4. The habit of Thinking flexibly
5. The habit of Responding with wonderment and awe
6. The habit of Questioning and Posing problems

Ms Ang

Lim Xuan Yu

Lin Daxin

MatthewQuek 3o316 and Eugene Pang 3p3

Chan Sheng Yao & Keith Poon (3O3)

Sebastian Sim (3O3 24)

Sebastian Sim & Bennett Yong (24,31) (3O3)

Eugene Pang 3p306

Lim Xuan yu & Lim Xiao Qi (3o3)

Jarod Chan & Wu Xi Yao 3o3

Bennett Yong
itactivity term2 bennettyong3o331.xlsx