Starter :

Let’s recap on these graphs. Are they your friends or foes?
A) Straight Line : y = mx + c
In the straight line equation: y = mx + c:
'x' and 'y' are the coordinates of the points that satisfy the function and so lie on the straight line graph.
'm' is the gradient of the straight line graph, and
'c' is the 'y intercept' of the straight line graph.

Task 1: (10 minutes)
Play this game to check your skills on equation of lines. Hope you can conquer all the rounds.
Equation of lines:
Hope you have fun here!

Task 2: (10 minutes)
Take this short quiz and check on your understanding of straight lines.
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Main Course :

a) Click on this link to view through the flash slides on this unit. You have already had a copy of this set of ppt slides. Go through all the examples on these slides. If you have lost it, you can retrieve tham here. Please do bear in mind that if you reprint the ppt slides, how many trees will be killed :<.

b) If you have completed all the 8 examples in the ppt slides, you may proceed to the homework in the textbook.

Homework : Ex 8.1 (Pg 169- 171) Q1a, Q1b, Q3a, Q3b, Q5, Q6, Q9

Dessert :

Using the VTI, can you use equations of lines to create these designs.

Try to identify the various straight lines.
This is an example.
Can you find all the equations for all these designs? Do remember to screen capture all the informations and neatly tabluate in a word document. Click here to upload your group effort here. Let’s see which will be the fastest group.