Dear All,
Welcome here.
For all your online lessons, you must be prepared to work very hard.

Things that you need :
a) VTI (Virtual GC) -

b) Geogebra -

c) Cmap 2.0 -

You must download these onto your desktop.

Get all these software ready by end of term 1 week 2.

ACE Opportunities :
Term 1 :
a) Self Study (Matrices)
b) Sabbatical (Mathematics)

Term 2 :
a) Self Study (Variations)
b) Sabbatical (Mathematics)
c) External Competitions
d) Mathematics Festival

Term 3:
a) Sabbatical (Mathematics)
b) External Competitions

Mathematics Rep. :
a) 3O1 (Tan Jun (21))

b) 3O2

c) 3V2