Lesson 1:
Starter : (20 mins)
Click on the links below to find out more about Linear Law.
a) Movie on y = mx + c
b) What is a Line of Best Fit ? (Manual)
By now , you should get a pretty good idea of linear law. It is simply about non-linear functions in variables of x and y that can be reduced to linear functions in the form :
Y = mX + c
where m = gradient, c = Y -intercept and X and Y are expressions in terms of x and /or y.

Main Course: (60 mins)
a) Click on this link and view through the flash slide show on this unit. If you still have doubts on this unit click on the attachment below for the dtailed powerpoint slides on this unit.

b) Click on the attachment below to download the notes on linear law. Please complete the worked examples in the notes.

c) If you can handle the worked examples , you can now proceed to the homework in the textbook
Homework : Ex 8.1 (Pg 169- 171) Q1a, Q1b, Q3a, Q3b, Q5, Q6, Q9

Lesson 2: (5th period - 6th periods : 80 mins)

Starter : (20 mins)

Besides using the manual line of best fit, we can make use of IT to help us. The line of best fit will be obtained almost instant.

a) Ways to determine line of Best Fit - GC or Excel

b) Line of Best Fit (Java Applet)

c) Scatter Plot (Java Applet)

d) Linear Regression (Ms Excel)

Main Course :(40 mins)

If you have forgotten the concepts do click on this link and view throught the flash slide show on this unit to refresh your concepts.

e) If you can handle the worked examples , you can now proceed to the homework in the textbook
Homework: Ex 8.2 (Pg 177-179) Q3, Q4, Q7, Q8 (Pls complete the 4 questions on graph paper)

Click on this link for online (pdf) graph paper.
f) Now, it's time to assess your attainment. You must complete this complusory assignment.

Dessert: (20 min)
a) In order to access your understanding on linear law, attempt this game to guage the level of understanding you have attained.

Linear Law Screenshot
Linear Law Screenshot

b) Now, attempt this assignment to assess your level of attainment.

Congratulation, you have completed this unit. You must click on this discussion link for feedback on this unit. List down two things you of these lessons as well as two things that I can further 改上 on these lessons to make learning more enjoyable for you folks.