Sec 3 Term 3

Trigonometrical Identities & Trigonometrical Equations

a) Revision :
Recap on these various trigonometrical identities.

b) These are the additional identities that you must have knowledge on.

Main Course :
a) Proof
Using this triangle, can you derive the proof?
b) Proof
Use Pythagora's Theorem and the above triangle as well to derive the proof. Can you enlighten me?
We will discuss this in class during our online lesson.

c) Let's now visit the slides to apply the various identities that we have mastered.
You should have this set of slides with you. If not , ...

You must complete all the examples here.

d) Now, you should attempt the textbook exercises.

Exercise 12.1 : Q2, Q4, Q5, Q9a, Q9b, Q10, Q12, Q13

Exercise 12.2 : Q1, Q4, Q5, Q7, Q9

Dessert :

With the newly mastered knowledge, you mut complete this complusory assignment. Do bear in mind that you need strong foundation in Trigonometry as you will build on further trigonometry knowledge in 2012 when you are in Sec 4.