Unit 6 Lesson 3

By now you should be able to complete the following :

a) reduce indicial expressions into simple algebraic form

b) recognise surds and state rules of surds,

c) perform arithmetical operations on expressions

d) rationalise fractions involving surds in denominator.

You should have completed your Skill Check 1 and Skill Check 2.

You may proceed to the textbook exercise 2.1. Complete this set of work by 5pm on Monday 28th March 2011.

Exercise 2.1 : Q1a, Q1c, Q1e, Q3a, Q3c, Q3h, Q4a, Q4e, Q6a, Q6b, Q7, Q8


Enjoy your weekends (Sat. and Sun.)

You have receievd your Unit 6 Assignment 1. Try out the questions. If you can handle : "Well Done" else (fill in the blanks)_.