Sec 3 Term 3

Trigonometrical Graphs

Starter :
Watch this video on have an overview of graphs of trigonometric functions.

Main Course :

a) Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

i) y = sin x

ii) y = cos x


iii) y = tan x


b) Amplitude and Period
Reading 1:

c) With these knowledge on trigonometric graphs, let's visit these slides to further enrich our learning.

You should have this set of slides. If not, ...

You must complete all the examples in the slides.

d) It's time to assess your attainment.
Homework :
Exercise 11.3 : Q 1a, 1c, 1f, Q2, Q3a, 3b, 3c, Q6, Q7

Dessert :
a) Now, you must attempt this complusory assignment.

b) Look at these designs, can you identify all the functions that you have mastered. We will discuss this in class during our online lesson.